About the Artist


By age fifty, I had two countries, four states, two provinces and eighteen moves to my credit. In 2006, we knew we needed a forever home for our family. We decided that forever home would be St. Stephen, New Brunswick, it would be a great place to raise our children. We were right. New Brunswick welcomed us with open arms. Not only were the towns beautiful and the shores amazing, but the people have been welcoming and wonderful. We may always be “from away” or new New Brunswickers but this is home and we love it here.

In 2017, I decided to devote myself to art. I work with lino-cut and letterpress; every part of the carving and printing process has enraptured me. For my hobby to become a lifelong passion, I knew I needed this endeavor to provide more than just personal satisfaction. Making art is expensive, after all. Thankfully, I had helpful feedback from mentors and friends that gave me the confidence and know-how to start a business.

I soon found that my art, while striking on paper, could come to life when printed on products. That’s when Holdfast Ink was born with fine, hand-printed goods anchored in New Brunswick. This endeavor is my love letter to New Brunswick. It features my point of view on the wondrously quirky people and places I have found in my many years here. I’m madly in love with the place I have been lucky to call home for over a decade. My products, in true small town form, are local and my art is hand drawn, hand carved and hand printed.. I’m hoping that I can give back even a small part of what New Brunswick has given to me.

This summer, I am travelling the province with my art and other goods to offer them at markets and festivals. I hope that one day soon you will have my works available in local stores all over the province. You can help make that happen by buying my products, supporting me on social media, and telling your friends. Please share our vision, and keep loving this great place we all call home. Thanks.