Area Code 506 Heart Tattoo Tea Towel

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The MOM heart tattoo has a long history among sailors. They would often get the tattoo as a way to honor their mothers while they were away from home for long periods of time. This tradition dates back centuries, with sailors from many different countries and cultures getting tattoos to mark their travels and experiences at sea.

In the United States, the tradition became particularly popular in the early 1900s, and by the 1940s and 1950s, the MOM heart tattoo had become a common design among sailors. The tattoo was often accompanied by other designs that were meaningful to them, such as anchors, ships, and compasses. These designs were often used to symbolize their love for the sea and their commitment to their duties.

The MOM heart tattoo eventually became a more mainstream design that was adopted by people from all walks of life. Today, the MOM heart tattoo is a popular design for all, and it continues to be a meaningful way to show love and appreciation for what matters most. This tattoo-inspired carving lets you take a bit of New Brunswick with you wherever you sail. Fiddleheads and violets will remind you that your heart will always have a home in New Brunswick.

100% organic cotton 
220g with hanging loop
20" x 29" (52cm x 72 cm)

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