Anchor Ring Coasters

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Anchors have been used by sailors for thousands of years to keep their ships from drifting in the water. The earliest anchors were made of stone or wood, and were simply dropped overboard to hold a ship in place. Over time, anchors became more sophisticated, with designs that allowed them to grip the bottom of the sea floor more securely.

In addition to their practical use in anchoring ships, anchors have also become a popular symbol in maritime culture. For sailors, the anchor symbolizes stability, strength, and a connection to the sea. The anchor is often used in tattoos, jewelry, and other forms of art as a way to show pride in one's maritime heritage.

In addition to their practical and symbolic uses, anchors also have a rich history in maritime folklore. In many cultures, the anchor is seen as a symbol of hope and safety, and is often used in stories and legends about sailors and the sea. Overall, the anchor has played an important role in maritime history and culture, and continues to be a powerful symbol of strength, stability, and connection to the sea.

Cork is environmentally friendly. These coasters are not just for protecting your furniture, they keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot!

(4 pcs) measures 4"x 4"

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