Kings Landing Bee Skep Coasters

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Bee skeps have a rich history in beekeeping. These traditional, dome-shaped structures house honeybees and were made from woven straw or grass. While beekeeping practices have evolved, bee skeps remain a popular decorative element in gardens and homes.

Inside the bee skep, the honeybees work tirelessly to build their hive and produce honey. The worker bees, who make up the majority of the hive, are responsible for tasks such as collecting nectar and pollen, caring for the young, and building the hive. These bees are tireless and dedicated, working together to ensure the survival of the hive.

But it's not just their hard work that makes worker bees so fascinating. These bees also have a fascinating social structure, with each bee having a specific role to play in the hive. From the queen bee to the drones, each bee has a specific job to do, and they work together in perfect harmony to keep the hive running smoothly.

So whether you're interested in beekeeping or just love the look of a traditional bee skep, there's no denying the fascinating world of worker bees and the important role they play in our ecosystem.

Cork is environmentally friendly. These coasters are not just for protecting your furniture, they keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot!

(4 pcs) measures 4"x 4"

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