Canada Moose Coasters

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The Canadian moose is a majestic and iconic animal that is found throughout Canada's forests and wetlands. Known for their impressive size and striking appearance, these animals are a favorite of wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers around the world.

In addition to their physical characteristics, Canadian moose are also an important part of the ecosystem, helping to maintain the balance of plant and animal life in the forests and wetlands where they live. They are also an important cultural symbol for many Indigenous communities in Canada, who have long relied on the moose for food, clothing, and other materials.

So whether you're a wildlife enthusiast, a nature lover, or simply appreciate the beauty and majesty of Canada's natural world, the Canadian moose is a fascinating and iconic animal that is sure to capture your imagination.

Cork is environmentally friendly. These coasters are not just for protecting your furniture, they keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot! 

(4 pcs) measures 4"x 4"

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